May update

The last couple of weeks have been exciting as I’ve finally been able to go back to the part I love most about writing – planning. Yes, I know it sounds boring, and it is when it’s planning mundane tasks, but planning out the plot for a series and specific book is where your creative side can really come forth! (Yesterday I mapped out around 2000 years of history for my world in more detail than ever before.)

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Viridian Legion update

It’s almost two months since I completed the first draft of Viridian Legion, second book in the Rakkan Conquest series. It came in at 80,000 words and I was a little worried it would be too short.

I’ve been writing and editing constantly since, and pretty much re-wrote the first half of the book. It is now at 110,000 words so you can see the extent of the re-write but I’m much happier with the story now as it flows and has its foundations fleshed out far better. Poor old Darius is in for a hell of a time…

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Draft of Viridian Legion complete

I’m pleased to say that the first draft of Book 2 in my Rakkan Conquest Series has been completed. The working title is Viridian Legion and it still has some way to go before it is finished, but the edit is already underway. War is all around the Torian Empire. The rakkan legions are newly invigorated, and none more so than the dreaded Viridian Legion. The algus and hoplites will need to see off this foe before they dominate the lands, and Lex has a plan to achieve just that.

It stands at around 90,000 words and I have more content to add as well as re-arrange. Then it will be going to beta readers to plug any gaps or holes in the story. My guess is it will finish closer to 110,000 words.

Finding time to write has been difficult with a full time job and moving house this year, but the aim is still to publish the book this year. Fingers crossed it all goes to plan. 

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Free Bonus Chapter

I am well on the way to completing the sequel to my first novel, Oblivion, following Darius and others on their next adventure. In the meantime, I have completed a bonus chapter for Oblivion which takes place during the time frame of the story.

You can get your copy of this chapter for free here:

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Book cover finalised

My first book has been years in the making, and I’ve taken the first step in getting it published. For the last few weeks I’ve been working with a cover designer and we have come up with a design that I am very happy with.

The money-shot for me is the glowing blue eyes, which I stipulated I wanted from the beginning. This was important for me to convey immediately the type of story this is: epic fantasy with god-like warriors walking the lands.

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