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Free Bonus Chapter

Greetings from the Torian Empire. I am well on the way to completing the sequel to my first novel, Oblivion, following Darius and others on their next adventure. In the meantime, I have completed a bonus chapter for Oblivion which takes place during the time frame of the story.

It shows the result of the challenge Varro issued to the warlord, which wasn’t described in the novel itself.

You can get your copy of this chapter for free here:

Varro has challenged his old mentor, the mighty Catonius, for the rank of Warlord.

Now he faces the rakkan in the arena, but dreads the choice he must make should he win the contest.

Margalvians only respect strength, and letting a defeated opponent live is their definition of weakness. But can he really kill the rakkan that raised him?

I hope you enjoy it, and please let me know what you think, and what other scenes you’d be interested in reading 🙂

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