I had meant to do a blog post a couple of weeks ago but didn't due to various reasons, insomnia stealing my energy and also wedding planning (fun...). But one…

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I was listening to a podcast recently about handling reviews as an author and felt like it was a good topic to do a blog post about. Reviews are vital…


Editing mode engaged

I'm happy to say that the first draft of Rakkan Conquest 4 is complete, and I've moved on to the next phase—editing. I'd like to say the hard part is…

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Alpine mountain valley in a light of sunrise on the pages of an open magical book. Majestic landscape. Nature concept.

Advance copies of Rakkan Conquest 3

Publication of Rakkan Conquest 3 is getting close, and I'm now in a position to confirm the date of release will be 23rd September if all goes to plan. For…