Rakkan Conquest Glossary

For those returning or new to the series, this is a glossary of words in the context of the series. I’ve been careful not to give away any spoilers below.


Algor An icy substance that some humans can conjure on their bodies or on something they are touching.
Algus A title appointed by the authorities, meaning ‘Guardian of the Empire’. These humans have supernatural abilities, including ability to conjure algor, and greater speed and reaction times in combat
Cogi Goman magic that allows them to read and alter memories with a touch, and to see their own future memories
Commander Leaders of groups of rakkans, appointed by the Warlord
Crest (silver) Coin. Unit of currency in the Torian Empire
Diagathic Order A religion of the humans, headed by the Chief Priest. They bond algus to animals, hence giving them escorts. The religion worships a God and Goddess named Agathos and Dianoia.
Escort An animal companion some of the algus have with a psychic link to them.
Ferven A fiery substance that rakkans can conjure on their skin or something they’re touching
Goman A human-like race of people that live on a separate island and are rarely seen in the human lands. They have no mouths and communicate by telepathy. Rakkans are immune to all their powers.
Kuraminium A fictitious metal that can resist the heat of ferven. It is very heavy and strong.
Numbered The name given to the army Archimedes grew by altering the minds of algus and soldiers to make them his puppets. They are so named because he replaced their names with simply numbers.
Order The Order – see Diagathic Order
Rakkan A human-like race of people characterised by their large black irises which gives them excellent night vision. Are much stronger than humans and avoid sunlight. Most have ferven magic.
Regent Title for the ruler of a city as appointed by the king of the empire
Staff of Arria A blackened, charred staff which saps a rakkan’s strength.
Toria/Torian Empire The most powerful city and its empire, headed by the king.
Urukan Mine The world’s only source of kuraminium
Viridian Legion The army of the rakkan city of Viridia
Warlord Title for the ruler of a rakkan city

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