Rakkan Conquest Prequel

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They sentenced his brother…

…but the boy never touched that panther.

They know the truth. Even the reigning algus gods wouldn’t have been foolish enough to invite such wrath.

In a city ruled by the sword and spear, Javad’s dreams of freedom in the eastern sands are fading. His brother is condemned and would be lucky to hang. But slaves are never lucky, and someone worse than a regent or king has been wronged.

The Slayer is coming.

Even the gods flee.

All Javad has to face him are his lock picks, his hope in justice, and the heart of a warrior.

Follow Javad and his brother in this short story of underdogs against a corrupt system and a legendary adversary bent on revenge.

Rakkan Conquest Book 1

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Once a god. Now a target.

They stole the greatest part of him, and he damn well wants it back.

Waking confused on a still battlefield, Darius knows he must be a great fighter, because all around are the bodies of lesser warriors. As he gathers himself up, he has but a singular memory that haunts him.

There’s only one more thing he knows.

He wasn’t just a god…

…but an assassin of gods.

In the midst of a centuries-old war between the human empire and savage invaders, Darius finds his name uttered with terror and curses by both sides.

How do you fight when you don’t know on which side you belong?

Follow Darius, his loyal panther, and the secretive Alexandra in this dark fantasy series as they’re hunted by a sinister enemy who wants to finish what he started.

Rakkan Conquest Book 2

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The Legion marches.

Darius helped save his father’s people, but now his mother’s people pay the price in blood.

Without its mightiest guardian, the Torian Empire reels as Viridia’s rakkan legion plunders across the west. Born with fire in their veins, the Viridian Legion seek nothing short of devouring humanity.

Faced with the atrocities, Darius must choose whether to betray his friends or his heart.

Will he continue to stay out of the war as his warlord demands, or will he join Lex to save the desperate humans that still hate him?

Whatever his final choice is, it will shape the fate of nations.