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Advance copies of Rakkan Conquest 3

Publication of Rakkan Conquest 3 is getting close, and I’m now in a position to confirm the date of release will be 23rd September if all goes to plan.

For a select few readers, I’m offering the chance to read the book early so that I can hopefully have some reviews shortly after release. You’ll get the book free as it’s sent to the proof-reader (so there may be a few typos) and you’ll also get a free copy of the final book, once it’s released, at your retailer of choice.

If you’d like to apply, then just leave a comment below or email me and let me know. If I get a lot of interest, then I will be prioritising people that have already left a review of my other books.

Thanks for all your continued support. I’m excited for this release and then for getting onto writing Book 4!

Stay safe


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  1. Scott Wald

    Just finished rereading the first two, cant wait for number 3. Would love to be considered for the early release.

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