Looking for Beta Readers

My first novel, Oblivion, is in its final round of beta reads and I am looking for people to read it and give an honest opinion. The book is average length for a fantasy, 350 pages. If you are interested in helping out, then please either contact me through this site, or email betas@andyblinston.com. AllContinue Reading

Book cover finalised

Book cover finalised

My first book has been years in the making, and I’ve taken the first step in getting it published. For the last few weeks I’ve been working with a cover designer and we have come up with a design that I am very happy with.

The money-shot for me is the glowing blue eyes, which I stipulated I wanted from the beginning. This was important for me to convey immediately the type of story this is: epic fantasy with god-like warriors walking the lands.Continue Reading

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