May update

The last couple of weeks have been exciting as I’ve finally been able to go back to the part I love most about writing – planning. Yes, I know it sounds boring, and it is when it’s planning mundane tasks, but planning out the plot for a series and specific book is where your creative side can really come forth! (Yesterday I mapped out around 2000 years of history for my world in more detail than ever before.)

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Viridian Legion update

It’s almost two months since I completed the first draft of Viridian Legion, second book in the Rakkan Conquest series. It came in at 80,000 words and I was a little worried it would be too short.

I’ve been writing and editing constantly since, and pretty much re-wrote the first half of the book. It is now at 110,000 words so you can see the extent of the re-write but I’m much happier with the story now as it flows and has its foundations fleshed out far better. Poor old Darius is in for a hell of a time…

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