Rakkan Conquest Prequel

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They sentenced him…

…but he never touched that panther.

They know the truth. Only a fool would have invited such wrath.

Javad’s dreams of freedom in the eastern sands are fading. His brother is condemned and would be lucky to hang. But slaves are never lucky, and someone worse than a regent or king has been wronged.

The Slayer is coming.

Even the gods flee.

All Javad has to face him are his lock picks, his hope in justice, and the heart of a warrior. But will it be enough?

You’ll love this thrilling short read, because Javad and his brother are underdogs against a corrupt system and a terrorising adversary bent on revenge.

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Rakkan Conquest Book 1

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They stole a part of him…

…the greatest part.

But what was it, and what happened to his memories?

Waking on a still battlefield, he knew he must be a great fighter, because all around were the bodies of lesser warriors. As he gathered himself up, he had but a singular memory that haunted him.

There was one more thing.

Not as much memory as sense.

He was an assassin of gods.

In the midst of a centuries-old war between the human empire and hellish invaders, Darius finds his name uttered with terror and curses by both sides.

How do you fight when you don’t know on which side you belong?

You’ll love this unique Fantasy adventure, because Darius, his loyal panther, and his only friend, Alexandra, are underdogs against a sinister evil who wants to finish what he started.

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Rakkan Conquest Book 2

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Darius shouldn’t have listened to her…

…they’ll discover what he did.

How can he right a wrong that led to the deaths of his friends?

While the battles between Laltos and Viridia rage, Darius is deep undercover for an assassination to end a war his misdeeds led to. But he finds himself getting attached to someone he soon dreads more than any warrior.

Meanwhile, another enemy smells weakness.

The King stirs in the east.

If only that were Darius’s biggest problem…

As the war escalates beyond hope, a betrayal leaves Darius a broken, battered and bloody man. How can they survive with their best warrior at his weakest?

You’ll love this action-packed sequel to Oblivion, because the intrigue and deception will keep you turning pages.

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