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New website and Patreon

I haven’t posted in the last few weeks as I’ve been spending my free moments doing a website redesign rather than sharing my musings. Don’t worry, Rakkan Conquest 4 is with beta readers at the moment, so I haven’t wasted valuable writing time doing it. But it was long overdue as the old site didn’t look the best on mobile devices in particular.

While doing this, I’ve also taken this chance to create a Patreon account for myself. There are just 3 membership tiers, and I mainly did it to give people a chance to get signed merchandise. I get some requests for signed paperbacks in particular, but due to the cost of posting internationally, it’s not feasible for me to offer these for sale. But with regular small contributions, I can at least send people signed artwork and not be out of pocket. I also added some very cheap tiers for and kind people that just wanted to offer me a tip and get early access to all my future books. I’ve just posted up a sneak peak of my next book cover too for those awesome people that have already become patrons!

If I can one day support myself from my author income, I’ll be able to write full-time and deliver much more regular books. It’s currently a dream, but let’s see how close I can get 😀

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